After Dinner and Motivational Speaking.

Gail is an engaging and entertaining after dinner speaker, with a wealth of experience in sharing stories from her career as a professional badminton player.  Having been involved in multiple Olympic Games and international sporting competitions, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with her audiences.  Covering many different angles in her speeches, Gail talks about her own experiences as well as giving an exclusive insight into the world of sport.  As an inspiring sportswoman and now a mother, Gail is the perfect choice for a wide range of after dinner appearances.

As a highly successful professional badminton player, Gail has honed her own self-motivation skills and she is an excellent and enthusiastic motivational speaker.  She discusses the secret to success in any field, and explains her own personal techniques that have allowed her to achieve so many medals and international titles, using set-backs and disappointments to her own advantage and recognising that dedication is the most important skill to have in any environment.

Media Appearances

Gail’s sporting background and enthusiasm for many different sports makes her the perfect choice to appear as a commentator or pundit for a wide range of sport programming.  She has a vast amount of experience as a commentator and has worked with a variety of different national television networks as a member of the commentary team.

As an ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust and Badminton England, Gail is dedicated to inspiring young people to take up a sport and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  As the health of young people is a key concern, Gail is ideally suited for programming, both on television and radio that is aimed at promoting the uptake of sport and exercise among young people.

Brand Endorsements and Ambassadorial Work

Currently a brand ambassador for SEAT cars and Wilson, one of the World’s leading manufacturers of sports equipment, Gail is recognised for her positive and enigmatic personality and her regular appearances across different media platforms means that she is ideally placed to represent a wide variety of different brands that are appropriate for her image.

As a busy mother, Gail is also perfectly placed to represent a wide range of childcare brands, offering her own personal experiences and using the brands she endorses to lend her own healthy and active image to them. 

Gail and her management agency Champions (UK) Plc will work hard to establish the very best links between herself and your brand, looking at the many different ways in which Gail is able to promote the brands that she works with to their full potential. 

As a truly professional, well recognised and enthusiastic individual, Gail is the perfect choice for a wide variety of different brands.  Please contact Champions (UK) Plc on 08453 313031 to discuss the varying ways that Gail can work with your brand.